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Cosy bathroom ideas

There’s nowhere better to relax and unwind than in the comfort of your own bathroom. Whether a deep, bubbling bath or long, hot shower, the bathroom is the ideal place for deep relaxation, so make yours as cosy as possible.

VitrA Water Jewels black bath with Eternity bath accessory stand
The Water Jewels bath wraps a dark colour palette around a white and seamlessly elegant free-standing bath creating an indulgently deep tub.
Water Jewels Free-Standing Bath
Water Jewels Free-Standing Bath
VitrA Water Jewels bath with gold bath tap
Immerse yourself in comfort after a long day on your feet.
VitrA Outline countertop matt black washbasin with built-in tap
Darker colours in the bathroom help to create a feeling of deep relaxation and cosiness.
Outline Bowl
Outline Bowl
VitrA Outline countertop matt black washbasin with built-in tap

Black basins are a great way to add this warmth without darkening the whole room.

Bathroom setting with VitrA Plural products including matt black sanitaryware

The colours of our Plural products create a feeling of warmth and domesticity to make you feel right at home.

VitrA Plural washbasin unit in matt white against deep red wall
From matt taupe to matt mink, there are a range of colour options available.
VitrA Nest washbasin vanity unit with illuminated mirror

Use lighting to create a cosy and warm vibe.

Bathroom setting with VitrA Nest waved natural wood washbasin unit and furniture
Our Nest mirrors come with LED lighting which can illuminate the whole room.
VitrA Cocoon free-standing bath with towel draped over side and candle on the floor

A free-standing bath is the ultimate bathroom luxury. Get the look with our Cocoon bathtub.

VitrA Eternity bath accessory stand with soap, mitt and candle on

While you’re in the bath, keep our Eternity free-standing table near to you to stay in reaching distance to all of your comforts.

Collections On This Page
  • The Water Jewels collection offers something truly extra special to those with a taste for the exotic. Matteo Thun’s pure forms balance the curved and the linear with an added dimension, thanks to VitrA’s own innovative, advanced manufacturing technology. T
  • Bringing a fresh new look to basin design, the Outline range made from cerafine ceramic with the VitrA Clean glaze offers a choice of both new shapes and finishes.
  • Nest Trendy combines contemporary lines with modern functionality and luxury finishing touches creating a mesmerizing effect.
  • Designed by Sebastian Conran, this extensive accessory range boasts elegance, creativity and innovation. The colour and material options provide great flexibility and the products have clever hidden benefits such as the flat-top towel holder which stops towels sliding off.
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    There’s nowhere better to relax and unwind than in the comfort of your own bathroom
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