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Storage solutions
Maximise storage without compromising on how the room will look
Storage solutions
Water-saving ideas
How to save water without compromising on style
Water-saving bathroom ideas
Toilet design
Design considerations for a key part of your bathroom look!
Toilet design
Your style, your colour
Make your bathroom an extension to your individuality by adding some colour
Your style, your colour
Accessible bathrooms
In today’s living space, accessibility is a must for everyone
Accessible Bathrooms
Featured Ranges
  • Origin
    Origin portrays a delicate minimalism. With slender edges, fine details and contemporary colours, Origin offers a charming final touch to the bathroom.
  • Plural
    Plural presents the bathroom as the new heart of the home. The organic shapes and neutral colours bring a sense of warmth and domesticity and the furniture pieces can be styled in numerous different combinations.
  • Retromix
    A system of geometric patterns for timeless atmospheres. With retromix, VitrA re-interprets traditional tile motives to design modern spaces. retromix focuses on the geometric forms in traditional patterns from diverse geographies that have become universalized in the course of time. Wall tiles reflect traces of the past in ethnic colours that also suggest a sense of being handmade. Available in 10x10 and 15x15 square formats, retromix offers both ease of application and a wide range of laying options that allow for creativity
  • Mode
    To promote colour in the bathroom and create bathrooms that defy time, the VitrA Design Team has applied its expertise and experience in bathrooms and colours to develop mode. A colour combination system with all fine details conceived, mode ensures that accents created with tone-in-tone and contrast colours on bathroom walls are compatible with floors and that relief textures add movement to walls.
  • Cardostone
    A colorbody porcelain collection inspired by the durable Cardoso stone of the Italian Alps. Cardostone offers the quintessential white veins of Cardoso stone in natural grey and anthracite colors as well as in a cooler beige and white color choices. The relief surface option, which creates the most realistic appearance of the original stone’s texture, reflects Cardostone’s powerful nature. Highly anti-slip, easy to clean, and available in a thickness particularly suitable for exteriors, Cardostone perfectly complements all contemporary venues.
  • Equal
    Equal represents the equilibrium between the rational and the sensual. It employs basic geometric forms obsessively shaped by simplicity, embracing at the same time natural organic forms.
  • Frame
    The Frame furniture range offers a distinctive new style to bathroom furniture blending natural matt finishes with wooden louvred drawers to create a beautiful statement bathroom.
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