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Make your bathroom an extension to your individuality by adding colour to your bathroom. Colour expresses the inner creativity in us all, whether used subtly or flamboyantly.

Rich, deep, dark colours accented with woods reflect a sensuous intimate environment. But a vibrant splash, combining accents of a bold palette and a geometric tile effect will create space and volume. Natural slate and stone materials give a depth of warmth combined with ultimate luxury when combined with stunning metallics. Each of these diverse styles and tones can be further accented through striking additional fixtures and accessories.

Our Water Jewels basins offer something extra special for those with a taste for the exotic.

Water Jewels Circular Countertop Bowl
Water Jewels Circular Countertop Bowl
Choose from black, platinum, copper or gold to bring your bathroom alive.
Water Jewels Circular Countertop Bowl
Water Jewels Circular Countertop Bowl

The VitrA D-Light furniture in purple creates a striking, modern feel.

D-Light Washbasin Unit
D-Light Washbasin Unit

It offers a simple solution for those who want to stray from the traditional white.

D-Light Washbasin Unit
D-Light Washbasin Unit
Tiles are the perfect way to easily add colour to your bathroom space.
33x100 Metamarmo Blue Tile Glossy
33x100 Metamarmo Blue Tile Glossy

Here, the rich blues of our Metamarmo tiles create a sultry, alluring room that you won’t want to leave.

For a more understated colourful look, try pairing neutral colours with subtle hints of copper.

Water Jewels Circular Countertop Bowl
Water Jewels Circular Countertop Bowl
Our minimalist Origin taps come in copper, matt black, brushed nickel and chrome.

Choose your style and enhance your bathroom experience – be bold, be brave, but above all be yourself.

Collections On This Page
  • The Water Jewels collection offers something truly extra special to those with a taste for the exotic. Matteo Thun’s pure forms balance the curved and the linear with an added dimension, thanks to VitrA’s own innovative, advanced manufacturing technology. T
  • With its modern and striking range of colours, D-Light offers a number of practical features. A useful recessed shelf on top of the side unit, tailored accessories and LED lighting within the washbasin unit, D-Light furniture will bring style to any bathroom.
  • Marble-textured ceramic series which blend attractive colours of fluid marble grains and glimmer of the sky. It brings a bold look to modern spaces, with its complementary metallic parts, extraordinarily beautiful colours, 3D reliefs and copper borders.
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