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Active involvement in innovation and support for creation of value-added products and services constitute the foundations of Eczacıbaşı Building Products Group’s strategy. The VitrA Innovation Centre in Bozüyük provides an environment for transforming products from an idea into a reality without limiting the creativity of architects and designers. Aimed at enriching and enhancing innovative ideas by keeping tabs with the latest developments around the world and following in-house recommendations, the centre allows the exploration and realisation of new products, materials, processes and technologies that will bring competitive advantages to all the product of the Group.
Established in 2011, the VitrA Innovation Centre has been selected as the glass and ceramics industry’s most successful innovation centre for 4 consecutive years, based on Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology’s Innovation Centre Performances Index.

Innovation Centre
VitrA Innovation Centre is a creative hub for the design, development, research and production of new materials, processes and technologies. for bathroom products and tiles. It creates a climate that nurtures a corporate culture that focuses on innovation. It also aims to open new horizons for customers and stakeholders and contribute to industry's competitive strength through collaboration. As a space for learning, the centre promotes open communication, the sharing of knowledge, experience, and creative ideas, as well as teamwork. It provides opportunities and infrastructure for young talents to develop innovative projects. The centre also offers university researchers an environment to test and implement their theoretical work.
VitrA Technologies
Those who know that a house’s hygiene starts from the bathroom prefer smart technologies developed by VitrA. With solutions focusing on hygiene, VitrA makes cleaning bathroom easier, and less time-consuming.
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