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VitrA & Architecture

Arts and culture lie at the heart of VitrA and Eczacıbaşı’s heritage and we play a significant role in developing and progressing this industry and making it accessible to all, working with everyone from professionals to students to investors to academicians.

Supported by VitrA, VBenzeri started off in 2013 with the aim of becoming a local resource that inspires creative disciplines. With a strong belief in producing current and original content, VBenzeri covers subjects relating to architecture, interiors, and design together with innovation. Presenting VitrA’s architecture-focused projects, VBenzeri shares local and global architectural design events and the latest news and updates. It also shares video interviews with some of the world's leading figures in the industry, as well as reporting on international events such as Venice Biennale of Architecture, Milan Design Week, London Design Biennale, and Istanbul Design Biennale.
Dreams of the City with VitrA
Focusing on needs, expectations, and dreams of cities, the ‘Dreams of the City with VitrA’ series of discussion panels started in 2016. Developed at the cross-section of city and architecture, the programme hosted panels in Izmir, Adana, Ankara, Kayseri, and Antalya in its first year. Multi-participatory discussions were held within the framework of themes specific to each city, together with architects in private practice or who has creative ideas regarding the city, as well as prominent public figures, academicians, professional society representatives, architecture students, and city dwellers. Sharing the same name with the programme, a book that focuses on these discussions was published early 2017. Edited by Müge Cengizkan, who is also the coordinator of the programme, the book is adorned with photos taken by architect-photograph artist Cemal Emden.
VitrA Contemporary Architecture Series
Together with Turkish Association of Architects in Private Practice, VitrA has realised the Contemporary Architecture Series between 2011 and 2016. Within the scope of the project, which was aimed at documenting and discussing the contemporary architecture environment around different building types as well as providing a basis for new studies, architectural approaches implemented in Turkey after year 2000 were shared in the light of different typologies. Every year, a specific building type was determined and a book that contains 50 projects on that building type was published. In addition, an exhibition that focuses on the type of building or peripheral concepts was organised. Spanning the year with complementary events such as panels, movie screenings, and travels, the project created a platform that enables productions related to architecture.
Architectural Discovery with VitrA
With the objective of providing a basis for the education of future architects with contemporary knowledge, VitrA has been supporting the Istanbul Bilgi University Graduate Program in Architectural Design since 2007. In ‘World Cities’, which is one of the compulsory lessons of the program, students discover the architecture in metropolises, and explore important cities of the world in terms of the value they add to the repertoire of modern architecture. During each academic calendar, seminars on selected cities and their architecture are held, and at the end of the year, an expedition is organized with the support of VitrA. All materials collected within the scope of the course are shared with wider audiences through mediums such as exhibitions, panels, books, and more. As part of the project, 9 cities including Vienna, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Hamburg, Berlin, Paris and Venice have been addressed so far.
Turkish Pavillion at The Venice Biennale of Architecture
Since 2014, VitrA is among the sponsors of the Turkish Pavillion in International Architecture Exhibition, which is organised as part of La Biennale di Venezia.
YAP Istanbul Modern: The New Architecture Programme
VitrA is among the sponsors of YAP İstanbul Modern: The New Architecture Programme, which has been launched by Istanbul Modern in cooperation with Modern Art and MoMA PS1 in 2013.
VitrA CPD: Bathroom Design and Specification: Ceramic Sanitaryware
VitrA’s RIBA accredited CPD covers the manufacturing processes, regulations and innovations of ceramic sanitaryware. Learn the ins and outs of how ceramic bathroom products are manufactured, from preparing the raw materials to casting and vitrifying methods to quality control. It also explains the diverse range of regulations involved in sanitary and water installations including the Code of Practice for Sanitary Installations and the WRAS approval. Get in touch to book a lunch time slot at your practice and acquire 8 CPD points on completion.
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