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Bathroom Storage Hacks

When redefining the space of any room, maximising storage without compromising on how the room will look is very important, here's some bathroom storage hacks that will help you.

VitrA Memoria mirror cabinet with compartments pulled out to show toiletries

The Memoria mirror cabinets incorporate a sliding mirror which reveals shelves with ample room for a family’s worth of bathroom accessories.

VitrA Memoria mirror cabinet with compartments pulled out to show toiletries

LED light accents add a subtle illumination to the space while being a practical enhancement for the mirror.

VitrA Sento tall bathroom cabinet with bottom drawer open showing integrated laundry basket

Two tall units from the Memoria and Sento ranges offer plenty of storage options. The Sento unit features an integrated laundry basket, with shelved space above for bathroom products.

Bathroom setting with VitrA Sento products including toilet, vanity unit and furniture

The Sento tall unit is an ideal addition to your bathroom for a contemporary look and can be customised to suit your bathroom layout with a choice of left or right hinged doors.

Bathroom setting with VitrA Memoria products including tall cabinets and vanity unit

The Memoria tall unit has a slim, attractive aspect.

VitrA Memoria tall cabinet with drawer pulled open to show toiletries

Divided into two horizontal cupboards offering space for items that take up volume such as towels, there is also a clever pull out section presenting storage shelves - ideal to hold shampoo, conditioner, cologne and other bathroom essentials.

Woman opening bathroom furniture cabinet to take out a towel

The laundry unit from the Nest Trendy ranges has plenty of space to hold fresh towels or for use as laundry storage.

Nest Trendy Laundry Unit
Nest Trendy Laundry Unit
VitrA Nest bathroom setting with vanity basin, toilet and furniture

The unit sits on roller wheels for easy relocation and it can also be used as a seat! Complimentary with products from the Nest Trendy range, you have a choice of four colours from the universal High Gloss White to Natural Wood which will complement many decorating combinations and tile choices.

VitrA Sento vanity unit and furniture against pink tile background

A mid-price range option for compact practical storage and a contemporary style can be found with the Sento medium unit. The minimalist unit hides a thoughtfully designed interior with a soft-closing door and right or left hinged option.

VitrA Sento bathroom cabinet with toilet rolls on the top and the door open to show towels

Beside the space for towels, brushes or larger bathroom items there is also a neat concealed section for the storage of toilet rolls.

Sento Medium Unit
Sento Medium Unit
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