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Our design ethos

Born and raised in the cultural motherland of ceramics and baths -a.k.a. the ‘hammams’- VitrA is among only a few companies in the world that is able to design, develop, and manufacture all the products that are used in a bathroom. Reinterpreting Turkish bath and ceramics culture with an eco-innovative approach, VitrA translates its intrinsic values to today’s modern life standards. With tiles specially designed for different spaces from walls to gardens to balconies to pools, VitrA's expertise extends beyond bathrooms.

As an innovative, forward-thinking company that pushes boundaries, our expertise lies in designing products that make life easier, better and more fulfilling. For over 60 years VitrA has produced highly desirable and durable bathroom products, as well as championed multi-generational living, accessibility and sustainability.

VitrA Design Team
1. Onurcan Ulaş 2.Ayşegül Çakırusta 3.Gürol Erkal 4.Nisan Tunçak 5.Erdem Akan 6.Ebru Peksoy 7.Ezgi Uluğ 8.Tuba Büyükkaraduman 9.Selma Gülkan 10.Alexandra Bakina
52 x Good Design Award
31 x iF Design Award
19 x Reddot design award
27 x Iconic Award
17 x German Design Award
8 x Plus X Awards
2 x Design Plus Award
2 x Design Turkey
2 x Elle Deco
2 x Wallpaper* Design Award
6 x Interior Innovation Award
1 x Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards
Ross Lovegrove
One of the most fascinating designers of the 21st century and the recipient of countless awards, Ross Lovegrove creates sculptural and organic shapes using sophisticated technology and materials. His design concept 'organic essentialism' is inspired by elements from the natural world which are then reshaped into futuristic forms, beautifully portrayed in the Istanbul range.
Designer's Collections

Christopher Pilet
Christophe Pillet
Based in France, Christophe Pillet's name is synonymous with stylish, functional and natural design - the lightness of touch in his work is elegance epitomised. His perfect command of sensuality and refinement has made him one of the most renowned French designers to have gained global recognition. The Memoria range is one example of his commitment to creating beautiful, elegant bathroom products.
Designer's Collections

Terri Pecora
From Los Angeles, Terri Pecora finished her academic work in Milan, Italy, at Domus Academy. Since 1990, she has worked in a broad range of fields within the design sector including furniture design, bathroom products, stand design and retail interiors, eyewear and fashion accessories and children’s products. Aesthetic functionality best describes Terri’s work and she has often experimented with unexpected solutions which set her projects apart while responding to the needs of users and the market.
Designer's Collections

The German design Studio NOA specialises in designing new products, technologies and communication strategies. NOA's fruitful collaboration with VitrA has created many ranges including M-Line, M-Line Infinit and V-Care.
Designer's Collections

Pentagon Design
Pentagon Design is an award-winning design studio based in Finland. The popular Nest and Nest Trendy ranges are a perfect example of their commitment to meeting the needs of the consumer. The result is the development of product ideas and strategies that engage the user and the architectural space.
Designer's Collections

Claudio Bellini
Claudio Bellini
Claudio Francesco Bellini lives and works in Milan, where he graduated from Architecture and Industrial design at the renowned Politecnico University in 1990. In the early years of his design career, Milan-based Claudio Bellini focused on office furniture. Later, after winning a variety of prestigious architectural competitions, he began designing the interiors of large showrooms. He has also developed products for prominent Italian and international companies.
Designer's Collections

Matteo Thun
Milan-based Matteo Thun & Partners is a studio of architecture, designa nd communication that refuses to be categorised in stylistic terms. The Water Jewels range including the metallic finish basins bring a sense of dramatic and endless originality.
Designer's Collections

Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon is a British designer whose work is represented in the collections of New York's Museum of Modern Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Centre Georges Pompidou. Forging his reputation with welded salvage furniture in the 1980s, he went on to establish the Tom Dixon brand in 2002 while working as creative director of Habitat. Specialising in furniture, lighting and accessories, the brand is now represented in 90 countries with hubs in world cities including London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Beijing.
Designer's Collections

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