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Inspirational Ideas
Inspirational Ideas are the designs prepared by VitrA, offering ideal solutions for your home.
When redefining the space of any room, maximising storage without compromising on how the room will look is very important. Fortunately, VitrA has a range of options, from classic to contemporary, which allow you to seamlessly blend style with storage.
When it comes to the bathroom, it's the finishing touches that take an ordinary room and elevate it to a place of style and beauty. Finesse your bathroom with beautiful accessories from soap dispensers to toothbrush holders to toilet roll holders.
Just because a room may not have a large area it doesn’t mean that style and comfort have to be compromised, you just need to be smart with that how that space is filled.
Make your bathroom an extension to your individuality by adding colour to your bathroom. Colour expresses the inner creativity in us all, whether used subtly or flamboyantly.
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