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We are dedicated to fostering a sustainable future in all activities and preserving the delicate balance of the environment, resources, society and business.
As we embark on our sustainability journey, we believe the starting point for our approach to sustainability is how we inspire our own PEOPLE.We recognize the importance of investing in our people as the foundation of our success in our ambitious agenda. By empowering our employees and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence, we are able to drive efficient production and create high-quality, essential bathroom PRODUCTS that promote hygiene and well-being for all.
We are constantly pushing the boundaries of advanced PRODUCTION facilities, with many opportunities to maximize circularity, re-cycle materials, use renewable energy and reduce emissions.While also being mindful of the impact on the environment, we always look for new ways to achieve the most efficient way of production. We believe that our responsibility extends beyond our internal operations and continues further within the value chain we create. Thus we actively engage in and put effort in mutual interaction and development with all stakeholders including our suppliers, customers and business partners to create a bigger impact.
In addition to our sustainability efforts, we pride ourselves on driving innovation, inspiration, and impact in everything we do.As we continue our journey towards a more sustainable future, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and leaving a positive impact on the world around us.

Our pillars

People & impact

We recognise that a positive attitude to sustainability starts with inspiring our own people. That’s the foundation of our success in our ambitious agenda. That’s how we can achieve impact in everything we do.


The core purpose of our business is making essential, high quality products that promote hygiene, cleanliness and well-being for all. We are constantly delivering innovation that delivers improved sustainability benefits.​


We are constantly pushing the boundaries of advanced production facilities, embracing opportunities to maximise circularity, re-cycle materials, use renewable energy and reduce emissions. We actively engage with all our stakeholders to help achieve bigger impact.

Sustainability reports

We believe in transparency. So we will keep sharing our detailed activity and performance reports on a regular basis. We welcome comments and feedback.​
2021-2022 Sustainability reportThis sustainability report, which covers our Istanbul Headquarters as well as our production facilities in Bozüyük and Tuzla in Turkey, plus those in Russia is presented for the period between January 1st and December 31, 2021

Latest efforts

VitrA develops projects in order to increase the ratio of women in the sector​
Striving towards 100% renewable energy
Advanced technology for a sustainable future: Touch-free faucets conserving water with ease.


The VitrA brand is firmly rooted in a long tradition of innovation and we are proud that we are regularly endorsed for superior quality and reliable versatility.

These hallmarks serve as the launching pad to release the true potential of bathroom design and architecture to satisfy the needs and desires of people, everywhere.​

Get in touch

At Vitra Bathrooms, we are committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our sustainability efforts. Please don't hesitate to send us an email at sustainability@vitrabathrooms.com We appreciate your input and look forward to working together towards a more sustainable future.
VitrA develops projects in order to increase the ratio of women in the sector​VitrA is committed to promoting gender equality in the sector by developing initiatives aimed at increasing the ratio of women. Our strategy involves leveraging digital innovation and technology to enhance women's participation. ​

Through the use of automated and robotized casting and glazing technologies, we have achieved a 22% female talent rate, while reducing physical effort in our factories. To further advance this objective, we are targeting a 50% female recruitment rate for all new investments.​
VitrA has a strategic long-term approach to fostering women empowerment in the regionVitrA has adopted a long-term approach to empowering women in the region, in line with our commitment to benefiting all stakeholders. Prior to providing employment opportunities, we prioritize investing in the skill development of our community.

Our new project aims to enhance women's roles by investing in their academic skills, thereby contributing to the region's long-term sustainable development. We conduct regular trainings for women to ensure the sustainability and success of community organizations.​
VitrA is using Metaverse as a new opportunity for talent engagamentVitrA has adopted a long-term approach to empowering women in the region, in line with our commitment to benefiting all stakeholders. Prior to providing employment opportunities, we prioritize investing in the skill development of our community. ​

Our new project aims to enhance women's roles by investing in their academic skills, thereby contributing to the region's long-term sustainable development. We conduct regular trainings for women to ensure the sustainability and success of community organizations.​
VitrA is committed to reduce its environmental impact through the value chain​Our vision is to co-create an equitable and regenerative future together with our partners and communities. VitrA’s new sustainability action plan ‘VitrA Forward’ aims to accelerate global movement towards a more sustainable future. We have an ambitious plan to reduce our environmental footprint with more than 200 dealers and suppliers. Therefore VitrA plans to partner across the value chain to design solutions that reduce emissions, use less resources and eliminate waste, while providing ease and convenience. To accomplish these objectives, we have developed a comprehensive sustainability action plan with a set of sustainability Initiatives.​
VitrA works for greater collaboration to tackle sustainability related topicsWe believe in cross-sectoral efforts to make significant progress in our sustainability agenda. Our commitment to science and innovation in all aspects of product development is rooted in environmental and social perspectives. As such, we rely on the expertise of academic institutions to drive our efforts. We contribute to the sustainability movement by collaborating with universities and conducting various projects such as LCA (life cycle assessments) and "Design for All" program (Sheffield Hallam study).​
VitrA has a new toolkit for diversity and inclusion initiatives: Reverse MentoringWe have embraced a new reverse mentoring program called ‘We are with you’ to empower women in business, bridge the gap between different genders, open up different perspectives and to help address the under-representation of female employees in the decision-making processes of the organization. Our aim is to break down barriers and advance gender equality through several trainings and sessions. ​

As VitrA, we are committed to combating gender discrimination, and we want to achieve this through our collaborations with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) during project development. We strive for a holistic approach to sustainability that benefits society.
Empowering the Future of Women in STEM: Providing Scholarships to Female EngineersThe VitrA Scholarship Program is one of the flagship projects under education that enables access to quality education to economically disadvantaged communities. VitrA has been providing scholarships to female engineers to overcome educational and business disadvantages. We acknowledge the educational and business challenges faced by women in the STEM fields. To address these challenges, we launched a scholarship program in 2019 that continues to provide 15 female engineers with scholarships to overcome these disadvantages and excel in their fields.​
VitrA is Empowering Women in the SectorThrough our ‘women in sales agenda’ we have a new manifest to reveal the difference that women will make in the sector regardless of the job descriptions. We recognize the low representation of women in the construction sector especially in the sales roles and thus we aim to encourage female employment in this industry. By empowering women to be active participants in this sector, we aim to promote diversity and break down gender roles.​
VitrA's Vbenzeri Campus Project unites students through education and creative collaborationAs VitrA we realize the importance of education and cherish it with our projects. In this scope, we visit universities with our Vbenzeri Campus Project. This projects works as a creative platform that brings together students studying architecture, interior architecture and industrial design, it expands its impact with events such as conferences, workshops and student meetings held throughout the year.​
A strategic approach to move towards a more sustainable product portfolio.We believe that incorporating sustainability in the portfolio evaluation criteria could ensure the development of sustainable solutions from the early stages of the product development process. This is why our products are developed with a focus on circular design principles, with an emphasis on responsible resource utilization, longevity, and functionality to minimize waste. As part of our commitment to Product Stewardship, we conduct life cycle assessments on all of our products to ensure they meet our high standards for sustainability and environmental responsibility.
VitrA is efficiently designing better products for a better futureIn our production processes, we strive to continually enhance the quality of our products from the initial design phase onward. Through our Design Optimization Project, we have implemented a redesign of the runner pieces for our faucet production and reduced the thickness of the body, resulting in a substantial reduction of 101.5 tons of raw materials, equivalent to a 7.6% decrease in total material usage.

Moreover, our Runner & Riser Design Optimization Projects have yielded additional benefits, including a substantial energy saving of 50,000 kWh. In addition, our Peeling & Thickness Reduction initiative for faucets has effectively prevented 12.8 tons of raw material waste, while also providing a yearly energy saving of 3840 kWh. Our ongoing efforts to optimize our production processes are driven by our commitment to sustainability and efficiency, and we remain dedicated to achieving even greater advancements in these areas.
VitrA is blending the supply chain optimization together with sustainability ambitionsWe are committed to mitigating our carbon footprint not only within our internal operations but also in our logistics processes. Our steadfast dedication lies in augmenting transportation volume while concurrently minimizing the deleterious impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment. Towards this objective, we consistently strive to optimize resource utilization, maximize digitalization, reduce packaging materials and curtail waste generation. In this context, we devise and implement projects that focus on container utilization and size ratios optimization, transportation method modification, and pallet optimization initiatives.
Advanced technology for a sustainable future: Touch-free faucets conserving water with ease.90% of our faucet inventory comprises water-conserving products.

Touch Free Hand Wash Technology: VitrA's touch-free basin mixers utilize cutting-edge sensor technology that detects user presence and actively contributes to water conservation by immediately halting the water flow when the user moves away from the detection area. A remarkable 40% of these mixers have a water consumption rate of only 1.3 liters per minute, significantly reducing overall water usage by up to 90%.
Revolutionizing sustainability: The BluEco cartridge saves energy, one turn at a time.VitrA produces innovative solutions to combat the environmental impacts of excessive energy and water use without compromising comfort in the bathroom. While conventional approaches to improve water and energy efficiency often involve separate efforts, it is important to recognize that reducing consumption in both areas aligns with the shared objective of minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, conserving water can directly contribute to energy savings by reducing the treatment requirements of public water systems.

The BluEco cartridge, when rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise, delivers a cold-water stream even when the tap handle is in the central position. This innovative feature helps to prevent the unnecessary use of hot water, which is only activated when the handle is turned to the left. As a result, the cartridge offers substantial energy savings of up to 60%, which is equivalent to the energy required to heat 17 metric tons of water annually.
A smarter clean for a better planet: VitrA’s V-Care enhances hygiene standards while reducing the waste in useDuring the design process of our products, we carefully take into account various factors such as energy and water conservation, as well as other cost-saving measures such as reduced detergent and toilet paper usage.

As a prime example of this approach, our VitrA V-Care Smart Toilet is a cutting-edge water-based cleaning solution that not only delivers a relaxing and hygienic experience, but also minimizes the need for toilet paper, thus reducing the environmental impact of personal hygiene practices.
Transforming Lives: Eczacıbaşı Group's Hygiene Project Boosts the Health and Well-being of studentsEczacıbaşı Group launched the Eczacıbaşı Hygiene Project in 2007 with the objective of improving the physical conditions of Regional Boarding Secondary Schools (YBO) to provide contemporary, high-quality, and healthy living conditions. As part of the initiative, the Ministry of National Education restores the plumbing infrastructure of the deficient YBOs, while VitrA and Artema branded products are used to refurbish the bathrooms and toilets, Selpak offers personal hygiene training to students, and Eczacıbaşı Professional provides hygiene products to the renovated schools.

VitrA is introducing the Green Bathroom Solutions CatalogueWe care about the places where our products are used, so we designed a Green Bathroom Solutions Catalogue to showcase eco-friendly products and promote sustainability. Our goal is to create a supportive community of industry professionals, designers, and homeowners working together towards a greener future.

VitrA is Leading the Charge towards a Sustainable Future through communicationAs we strive towards creating a sustainable world, it is essential to generate awareness and produce environmentally-friendly products while simultaneously promoting energy conservation, reducing emissions in logistics operations, and facilitating savings. To this end, we leverage our social media channels to initiate awareness-raising initiatives such as the Water Day Project and promotional campaigns to fulfill our vision of sustainability.
VitrA is driving change through water conservation: Treated Water Use Project paves the way for a sustainable future.Water conservation has long been a critical area of focus for our organization. In light of this, we have undertaken extensive research and analyses aimed at reducing water consumption.

Through the implementation of the Treated Water Use Project, we have managed to replace the utilization of freshwater in the raw material preparation department. Since the project's inception in 2007 with an initial volume of 30,000 m3, we have treated and reused 150,000 m3 of water in our production processes as of 2021, which amounts to a substantial 40% of our overall usage. Our goal is to further increase the ratio of reused water to 50% in the near future.
VitrA turns Waste Heat into Power: Our Efforts to Recover Heat for Energy ConservationAn exemplary initiative for energy conservation is the implementation of waste heat recovery values. Our innovative cooling systems enable us to capitalize on the heat that is typically dispelled into the atmosphere from chimneys, by using it to warm the water used by our producers. This heated water is subsequently directed to the relevant sections for recovery, while any surplus heat is channeled towards the boiler room.

Since the incorporation of economizer systems in 2016, a commendable total of 32.39 GWh of energy has been conserved through to 2021. Such a remarkable achievement constitutes a significant 71.9% of all energy savings since the introduction of economizer systems.
Small changes, big impact: how we're cutting cardboard and shrink-packaging usage for a greener futureAs part of our logistics operations, we have undertaken several material reduction initiatives, aimed at optimizing our processes with minimal material usage. Through the implementation of an innovative alternative box utilization scheme for products of comparable dimensions, we have been able to realize substantial cost savings and contribute positively to the environment. Our efforts have resulted in an average annual reduction of 50 metric tons of cardboard usage. Additionally, by reducing the thickness of our shrink films from 120 microns to 100 microns, we have achieved an annual average saving of 75 metric tons of shrink film material.
VitrA is taking action towards Zero Waste & Maximum ImpactWe define waste as "materials that have value but are located in the wrong place." Embracing the concept of "nothing goes to waste," we prioritize both internal and external industrial symbiosis activities to ensure that every item is recycled as a final resort.

Our goal is to utilize all of our output in both internal and external activities. As a result, in 2021, we were able to recycle 80% of our waste, including 8,800 tons of waste plaster molds, 34,000 tons of waste ceramic products, and 900 tons of core sand, which were repurposed in the cement sector.
VitrA is putting circular economy at the core of its manufacturing processWe aim to maximize co-living opportunities with business partners, minimize hazardous waste and turn waste into resources. While achieving this goal, we are developing various projects. In the reuse of brass waste project, we ensure that the waste generated during production is re-melted and used in our own production.

By reusing this material we reach to zero waste material in faucet production and we are saving 350 tons of brass per year which refers to 26% of all raw material usage.
Revolutionizing the process designThanks to elimination of the using wood separators from Concealed Cistern Project, our company has been able to redesign existing pallets to eliminate the need for wood separators. This change has resulted in a significant reduction of 160 tons of wood usage annually.

In our furniture products, by changing the size of slabs in new series ROOT, our scarp ratio has reduced from 16% to 9% which is equal to 90 trees per year. At the same time, we integrate cutting optimization for furniture products and only in 2021 our re-cut ratio has decreased 25%.
Striving towards 100% renewable energyOur primary objective is to enhance energy efficiency and promote sustainable utilization of scarce resources. We are committed to mitigating the adverse effects of greenhouse gas emissions and decoupling our expansion from energy consumption.

In line with our vision, we intend to construct a solar power installation spanning 110,000 m2 by 2025. This facility will enable us to generate an estimated 26.5 GWh of renewable energy capacity, further advancing our sustainability goals. Upon achieving the desired levels, we will be able to source up to 37% of our electricity demand from solar energy, thereby reducing our carbon footprint and advancing our sustainability agenda.
Our commitment towards net zero: Investing in renewables to create a cleaner world.The significance of renewable energy in fostering a sustainable future is well understood by our organization, and we have taken concrete steps towards this end. Our endeavors include maximizing the benefits of renewable energy through investments in both on-site and off-site projects, and obtaining certification from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC). As of 2022, we have pledged to purchase solely renewable electricity, and we have established a goal of sourcing 35% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2025.
Sustainability on the move: maximizing container occupancy for a greener world.Given our awareness that emissions associated with our processes are not limited to our in-house operations, we have taken measures to mitigate emissions in our logistics operations as well. Specifically, we endeavor to decrease the number of transfers required by maximizing the occupancy rates of our containers and minimizing the frequency of partial loadings. By doing so, we are able to make meaningful progress towards our goal of reducing overall emissions.


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