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Color 2.0

Color 2.0

Designs that come to life with colours. Introducing VitrA's latest Color2.0 collection, meticulously crafted to redefine living spaces. Revel in its evocative hues, a modular framework that liberates artistic expression, and a spectrum of sizes that cater to every vision. Steeped in contemporary trends, the Color2.0 Collection encapsulates a vibrant lifestyle with an expansive palette of 21 hues, ushering in infinite combinations. Alongside six distinct size options and adherence to the international RAL colour standard, it introduces a distinct finesse to spaces and refreshes architectural aesthetics. Venture beyond convention with Color2.0. Its audacious union of imagination and vivid tones crafts unparalleled atmospheres. The collection's lighter, pastel shades evoke refined elegance, while its rich and accented hues infuse spaces with zest. The interplay of tones revitalizes, and the juxtaposition of stark contrasts conjures captivating milieus. The modular dimensions and patterns of VitrA Color2.0, animated by colour, evoke profound emotions. The selection of sizes, ranging from 5x5, 5x20, 10x10, 10x30, 15x15, to 20x20, leaves an enduring impression. The inherent modularity enhances spaces with its versatile “mix & match” possibilities, and the seamless tonal transitions epitomize ageless design prowess. Unleash unparalleled creativity with VitrA Color2.0.
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