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Trend: Bathroom transforming basins

    VitrA, is bringing innovative solutions to washbasin design in order to encourage new ways of utilising the bathroom space.

    VitrA’s Plural collection, created in collaboration with Terri Pecora, celebrates wellness and the joy of spending time in the bathroom by reimagining traditional layouts.

    Featuring washbasin units, countertop and freestanding monoblock washbasins in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, the Plural collection also incorporates three innovative syphon solutions. These allow more flexibility for the location of basins within the bathroom. The first solution enables the basins to be placed at different angles as an alternative to the conventional positioning by the wall, encouraging users to engage with their surroundings. The second has been designed specifically to enable washbasins to be mounted in an open bathroom space while retaining a clean and minimalistic look. The third supports the fitting of column basins at free angles in the room instead of the more common 90° angle to the wall.

    VitrA’s highly versatile countertop basins complement any bathroom suite. Water Jewels is a luxurious range of basins, designed by Matteo Thun, that uses Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD), a manufacturing process in which metal powders are vaporised and deposited on a surface. This range is available in gold, copper and platinum, as well as traditional white and black ceramic.

    The basins in the Memoria Infinit, M-Line Infinit and Outline ranges are made using unique materials that give the pieces a slim and sleek aesthetic, without compromising on the strength of the material.

    The Memoria Infinit and M-Line Infinit collections are made from mineral cast - a material manufactured from a combination of natural stone powder and polyester resin. Products crafted from this material are characterised by very thin and defined edges, with a beautiful finish that is warm to the touch and easy to clean.

    Outline basins are crafted from cerafine, a highly durable ceramic that gives the pieces a slim and sleek aesthetic. The use of cerafine means that the Outline basins are available in a range of unusual shapes such as Pebble, which is exclusive to this range. Cerafine basins are also available in a variety of colours and finishes - white glazed, matt taupe, matt mink, matt black and matt white.

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