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Seven Bathroom Trends for 2020

    Spring is just around the corner, so it’s prime time to focus on home improvements and with the bathroom being on the hit list for many VitrA has identified seven emerging trends for the roaring '20s.


    Wellness is a concept thoroughly embraced by consumers who enjoy taking on the role of interior designer. The bathroom is a perfect space to promote wellbeing and health. Inspired by organic shapes and warm colour palettes, the wellness trend encourages reflectiveness, peace and socialisation. VitrA’s Plural collection, designed by Terri Pecora, makes the bathroom the heart of the home; based on creating warmth and domesticity, ideal for promoting wellness. Choosing a double basin over a single basin unit encourages the bathroom to become a social space where loved ones can spend more time together.


    Homeowners are increasingly aware of their carbon footprint and becoming more environmentally conscious. Investing in sustainable bathroom ware is a great way to start making the home greener and conserve water. Sustainability is an integral part of VitrA’s design process, with all products made in line with their Blue Life Pledge. VitrA’s innovative water- saving features, such as adjustable cartridges, limit the heat and flow from the tap and are available in a range of brassware styles and colours, for a sustainable, stylish bathroom.


    With studies proving that nature reduces stress levels and boosts mood, indoor plants are returning to popularity, and a bathroom can be the perfect place to nurture all kinds of ferns, succulents, tropical and citrus plants.

    By introducing biophilic influences into the bathroom, such as wooden surfaces, natural shapes and moisture, heat and steam friendly plants, it’s easy to transform a bathroom into a tranquil space. With no restrictions on colour palette, biophilic design is easy to personalise and creates an ultra-modern aesthetic when paired with black or grey bathroom ware.


    Everyone loves a hotel or spa bathroom.  Creating that look at home remains a key influence for today’s bathroom consumers.  Designing a beautiful spa-like bathroom is a way to keep self-care as a top priority.  Luxury fittings like rainfall showerheads, mood lighting and soft colour palettes can quickly transform a bathroom into a serene space that instantly relaxes.


    As the digital home continues to evolve with more and more smart home systems, introducing technology into the bathroom can increase hygiene and efficiency.  The VitrA Smart Panel’s sleek, glossy black design combines style with intelligence that does more than just flush. With the ability to sync to the user’s mobile (through the V-Care app), households can flush their WCs remotely and receive usage data which helps identify excessive water use. With settings such as a periodic flush that regularly washes out the bowl, its futuristic design is a must for all modern bathroom design. The flush plate is compatible with VitrA concealed cisterns.

    Designer Luxury

    A designer name on homeware and art is always a talking point – and a trend adopted by boutique hotels and trendy Airbnbs when creating beautiful insta-ready bathrooms.   Statement art, dark colour palettes, standout brassware and soft furnishings are a must for this trend with a free-standing bath being a key feature. Exclusively designed by Matteo Thun and Partners, the Water Jewels bathtub is a stylish take on the classic free-standing design. Contemporary in its structure, the single matt black panel curves around the bath exuding modernity, while its roll-top design retains a traditional feel. Matched with statement gold brassware, time in the bathroom becomes an experience rather than a necessity.

    Country Chic

    Country chic has made a timely return in the early 2020s – timeless; the trend is an excellent investment for both modern and traditional homes.  Country chic is all about vanity units, panelling and classic design; VitrA’s Valarte collection delivers character based on the popular shaker design with a modern twist. Available in Matt Ivory, Matt Grey and Matt White, it’s easy to personalise with bright brassware, traditional bathroom tiles or a monochrome palette for a more contemporary feel.
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