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Vitra UK - Inspiring Bathroom Solutions

How to keep your bathroom clean
Technology has improved substantially when it comes to the bathroom, allowing for easy and automated cleaning.
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Hygiene tips in the bathroom
How to turn your bathroom into a wellness sanctuary
Turn your bathroom into a wellness sanctuary – a place for your body, mind and soul to relax.
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Create your own Wellness Sanctuary
Water-saving solutions for your bathroom
How to save water without compromising on style
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Water-saving bathroom ideas
Bathroom Storage Hacks
Maximise storage without compromising on how the room will look
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Bathroom Storage Hacks
Different toilet designs for your bathroom
Design considerations for a key part of your bathroom look!
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Toilet design
Featured Ranges
  • Origin
    Origin portrays a delicate minimalism. With slender edges, fine details and contemporary colours, Origin offers a charming final touch to the bathroom.
  • CementMix
    Inspired by warm minimalism trend CementMix softens the traditional brutalist look of cement with variety of earthy warm hues. Through its systematic approach, it offers harmonised colour tones and calm texture options for users. In addition to its calm relief appearance, it re-interprets Terrazzo appearance from the past to the present by using modern geometric speckles, natural stone and marble chips patterns.
  • Equal
    Equal represents the equilibrium between the rational and the sensual. It employs basic geometric forms obsessively shaped by simplicity, embracing at the same time natural organic forms.
  • Plural
    Plural presents the bathroom as the new heart of the home. The organic shapes and neutral colours bring a sense of warmth and domesticity and the furniture pieces can be styled in numerous different combinations.
  • retromix
    A system of geometric patterns for timeless atmospheres. With retromix, VitrA re-interprets traditional tile motives to design modern spaces. retromix focuses on the geometric forms in traditional patterns from diverse geographies that have become universalized in the course of time. Wall tiles reflect traces of the past in ethnic colours that also suggest a sense of being handmade. Available in 10x10 and 15x15 square formats, retromix offers both ease of application and a wide range of laying options that allow for creativity
  • mode
    To promote colour in the bathroom and create bathrooms that defy time, the VitrA Design Team has applied its expertise and experience in bathrooms and colours to develop mode. A colour combination system with all fine details conceived, mode ensures that accents created with tone-in-tone and contrast colours on bathroom walls are compatible with floors and that relief textures add movement to walls.
  • Voyage
    Designed with the philosophy that the bathroom should be a relaxing sanctuary for both body and soul, Voyage includes multiple size and colours options, allowing the flexibility to transform any space.
  • Sento
    Bringing Scandinavian style into the bathroom, this furniture range is designed to complement the popular Sento WC pan.
  • Frame
    The Frame furniture range offers a distinctive new style to bathroom furniture blending natural matt finishes with wooden louvred drawers to create a beautiful statement bathroom.
  • MarmoMix
    Tile system inspired by classical marbles for contemporary spaces. Premium marbles that form the cornerstones of architectural design is offered in VitrA’s innovative MarmoMix system with countless laying options to the world of interior designers and architects. The marbles that inspire MarmoMix textures have been used in many architectural structures throughout the history as a strong design element on their own and also in combination with one another to create harmony. These marbles which kept their popularity for ages are now re-interpreted in MarmoMix system for strong, flexible and creative offerings to contemporary designs. MarmoMix system, with its compatibility with other VitrA systems and with its different size offerings, provides users flexibility in design.
  • Liquid VitrA x Tom Dixon
    Liquid is a unique collaboration between VitrA and Tom Dixon, bringing the British designer’s philosophy of expressive minimalism to the bathroom. Liquid’s tile collection is an interchangeable system comprising five colours in plain tiles and four different embossed patterns. The wall tiles in dot or linear décor can be combined in abstract tessellations across a colour palette that expands Liquid’s core monochrome with grey, ecru and sage green.
  • Liquid
    Designed in collaboration with Tom Dixon, Liquid celebrates a new aesthetic of expressive minimalism. The collection evokes a sense of permanence and encompasses round-edges aesthetics, generous shapes and robust materials.
  • Canyon
    Canyon porcelain collection is designed creating a harmonious combination of grey coloured English stone with white long veins and Italian Valmalenco stone which has a gold shade. The combination of these two rich natural stones creates a typology enriched with details. Canyon offers an excellent covering solution for floors and walls in all living spaces, whether classical or modern, and defines the classic of the future today.
  • Flakestone
    Flakestone porcelain collection reflects the calm character of natural stone to the spaces where it is used. The hybrid stone appearance, designed with the balanced combination of different textures, show traces of fossils created by nature over the years. The surface texture containing sparse flakes is the most distinctive feature of this collection. While the pure natural stone appearance adds an architectural value to the living spaces where it is used, it manages to do this in the most subtle way. The collection inspires creative designs with its colour options in warm and cold shades.
  • Woodart
    The Woodart Collection combines the textures of walnut and oak with ceramic. Drawing inspiration from nature’s wooden wonders, it engages the senses with tactile reliefs on its surfaces and the details in its design. This line-up reflects the authentic hues and patterns of wood across four colourways, carefully selected using the VitrA approach and offers diverse size options, including an inventive 40x40cm weave décor tile as well as the 30x120cm and 20x120cm sizes.
  • Cementside
    The Cementside Collection, enriched with monochrome structured grains, has a calm surface texture with a concrete look, adding a stylish and contemporary atmosphere to each living space.
  • Resincrete
    VitrA’s new tile system Resincrete is designed to stimulate emotions in living spaces by using colours, which are the most powerful form of self-expression, and to draw forth bursts of creativity.
  • City Marble
    The City Marble Collection, which redefines urban elegance and effortless chic, reflects the clean and refined elegance of city living. City Marble offers a choice of four premier-quality marbles, conveying arresting natural marble designs to urban stylish living places.
  • Ardesia Stone
    Reflecting the swirls of colour and patterns as slate interacts with different minerals in its most natural form, the Ardesia Stone Collection twists the natural surface textures of the stone it is inspired by, to render an urban character.
  • LightStone
    Living spaces designed with VitrA's LightStone System reflect the pure relationship with nature, offering a sensation of comfort and tranquillity. LightStone helps to create relaxed living spaces through the connection with nature's serene yet dynamic energy.
  • CobbleMix
    The invigorating outdoor feeling is conveyed into indoor living spaces with a sense of continuity with VitrA’s CobbleMix System. The distinctions between exteriors and interiors fall away, bringing an aesthetic seamlessness of the inside and outside at once, and adding a paving effect to indoor spaces.
  • ModePaper
    Designed by drawing on VitrA Tiles’ innovative mode system, ModePaper is an interpretation of the colourful, patterned and delicate structure of wallpaper in living spaces which combines the visual characteristics of wallpaper with the durability of ceramic tiles.
  • Royalstone
    Inspired by sedimentary rocks, the Royalstone Collection presents a cohesive natural stone design enhanced by a refined, micro-grained texture. The collection offers a range of sizes from 120 x 120 cm to 10 x 10 cm. Its 80 x 80 cm variant, with a thickness of 20 mm, seamlessly extends the interior design harmony to outdoor spaces, adding both continuity and depth.
  • SET7.0
    A new wall collection that incorporates different textures, compatible with the Cemental Series and that allows you to ‘Mix & Match’ within the collection itself: SET7.0. SET7.0 combines the power of hybrid design with diverse decoration alternatives, offering a wide array of different textures, colours and sizes, allowing everyone to find something that resonates with them. SET7.0 features three different concepts through its sizes: SET7.0 Emotion, measuring 40 x 120 cm size and 7 mm thickness, has a design and rich use of special sparkling materials on a matt natural surface that creates an exclusive ambiance adding an emotional feeling to a space. SET7.0 Motion, adorned with geometric relief and leaf decorations featuring a unique glitter effect, imparts an industrial aesthetic with its 30 x 90 cm size, 7 mm thickness, and stylish decors. With its 30 x 60 size and 7.5 mm thickness, SET7.0 Dynamic rejuvenates any space, offering dynamic design options with its leaf decor that adds sparkle to accented colours.
  • Cemental
    Uniting the aesthetic with technology, the allure of metal and concrete, the Cemental Collection offers a novel and holistic approach to design. The chic exposed concrete texture paired with a metallic finish, coupled with its anti-slip property, presents a suave yet practical choice for residential and commercial spaces. Cemental offers a very wide range of sizes from a large 120x120 cm to smaller dimensions. Each tile is a symphony of hybrid texture and minimalist design, punctuated by its complementary pieces and dotted pattern decor to provide a functional and sophisticated style.
  • Noblestone
    Infusing spaces with an elegant modernity, Noblestone echoes the timeless charm of stone textures that have graced architectural masterpieces through the ages. With variations in shade, it represents the diverse tones of natural stone, presenting a cohesive yet distinctive design palette. Taking cues from Limestone and Swiss Stone, this collection imparts a tranquil touch to spaces. With three different sizes starting from 60 x 120cm as well as 80 x 80cm size with 20 mm thickness for outdoor use, Noblestone offers cut and printed decor options harmonizing with every hue, pushing the boundaries of creative imagination.
  • Meteorite
    A testament to detailed research and artful reinterpretation, Meteorite captures the raw potency of natural stone textures, setting a foundation for organic and sophisticated spaces. Its compatibility with other VitrA collections adds versatility, enabling the possibility of crafting powerful and dynamic moods. At 60 x 60 cm and 60 x 120 cm sizes in five captivating colours, Meteorite reveals the beauty of the raw stone, highlighting the natural vein patterns on its surfaces to create new surfaces from the combination of different stone types.
  • Color 2.0
    Designs that come to life with colours. Introducing VitrA's latest Color2.0 collection, meticulously crafted to redefine living spaces. Revel in its evocative hues, a modular framework that liberates artistic expression, and a spectrum of sizes that cater to every vision. Steeped in contemporary trends, the Color2.0 Collection encapsulates a vibrant lifestyle with an expansive palette of 21 hues, ushering in infinite combinations. Alongside six distinct size options and adherence to the international RAL colour standard, it introduces a distinct finesse to spaces and refreshes architectural aesthetics. Venture beyond convention with Color2.0. Its audacious union of imagination and vivid tones crafts unparalleled atmospheres. The collection's lighter, pastel shades evoke refined elegance, while its rich and accented hues infuse spaces with zest. The interplay of tones revitalizes, and the juxtaposition of stark contrasts conjures captivating milieus. The modular dimensions and patterns of VitrA Color2.0, animated by colour, evoke profound emotions. The selection of sizes, ranging from 5x5, 5x20, 10x10, 10x30, 15x15, to 20x20, leaves an enduring impression. The inherent modularity enhances spaces with its versatile “mix & match” possibilities, and the seamless tonal transitions epitomize ageless design prowess. Unleash unparalleled creativity with VitrA Color2.0.
  • Marmo Nuovo
    The Marmo Nuovo collection elevates interiors with expansive dimensions of 120 x 120cm and 60 x 120cm, channelling the world’s exotic allure through its glossy and satin finish through a trio of distinctive hues. Verde Guatemala captures the lush greens of the Indian rainforests, punctuated by dark, striking veins. Statuario White takes its cue from the iconic Statuario marble, its white canvas is enriched by intricate grey veins, delivering a poised and profound aesthetic. Breccia Grey is inspired by Italian Breccia marble, and is distinguished by its lively, captivating patterns. Crafted with precision, these ceramic tiles not only encapsulate elegance and prestige but also enhance spaces with a perception of grandeur.
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