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The 6 types of bidets – which do you choose?

    While the bidet is commonplace  in Europe, it has never been seen as an essential here in the UK but here's the different types of bidets. The typical small British bathroom may have been one reason but unfamiliarity with this strange device (that many mistook for a footbath) was also a significant factor.

    Early bidets were a violin-shaped ceramic bowl which would be kept in a dressing stand or night table along with the chamber pot. By the late 19th century the bidet evolved into a freestanding item with its own plumbing.

    The bidet had a mini-boom in the 70s when many top-end suites included one as an option –but very few were sold. Today, the benefits are much clearer. Washing with water is a much more gentle, natural and hygienic solution to using toilet paper, and can be especially beneficial for the growing elderly population. It’s also much more sustainable as it drastically reduces, and in the case of our V-Care shower toilet completely eliminates, the need for toilet paper. All of this has brought a new market for the shower toilet – the sophisticated modern successor to the bidet of yesteryear.

    What bidet options are there now?

    Nowadays there is a lot more choice in the bidet market. In addition to the standalone bidet there are a myriad of other options to suit any taste, budget and space constraints. Here’s a guide to help you determine which is the best option for you. yes

    The Water Fittings Regulations classify the potential risk of contamination to drinking water as a result of bidet fittings high, so when researching bidet options for your home, it's vital that you check that they can be installed in compliance with the UK water regulations and to make sure your installer will install the product correctly. The WRAS regulations for bidet installations can be found here.

    Bidet Attachment – budget bidet

    Bidet attachments are installed between an existing toilet seat and toilet. They are the most cost-effective solution and therefore they are a good option for those who are looking to test the concept of a bidet wash without wanting to invest too much. They are however the most basic form of a bidet and can be quite limited in functionality, including water temperature adjustment. They are also clearly visible next to the toilet and not as subtly integrated as some of the other bidet options.

    Portable Bidet – travel essential

    A Portable Bidet is ideal for keeping up with personal hygiene both at home and when travelling. The portable bidet is a bowl that sits within the existing toilet seat. They are suitable for standard toilets as well as commodes and include a soap holder at the front. While they are more hidden than the bidet attachment, they can make cleaning more awkward as you need to remove the portable bidet and clean separately.

    Bidet Sprayer – handheld

    A Bidet sprayer is a handheld bidet nozzle that stays attached to the toilet, also called a bidet shower. Similar to a kitchen sink sprayer, it delivers a spray of water to assist in cleaning. While the handheld nozzle means you can move the bidet around as required, a potential drawback is the possibility of wetting your clothes if used carelessly. In addition, you need to be reasonably mobile and flexible to use a handheld bidet shower, so this option may not be the best solution for someone who is elderly or less-abled.

    Bidet seat – an in-between option

    A bidet seat is a replacement seat for an existing toilet. They are available in many shapes and sizes as well as price points and they provide a range of washing and drying functions at the touch of a button or by remote control. However they do need to be hardwired into the electrics of the bathroom which can mean a slightly more complicated and costly installation.

    Ceramic Bidet – standalone piece

    A standalone ceramic bidet is a simple back-to-wall or wall-hung pan fitted with a spray tap that can be angled. These can again be awkward to use by elderly or less-abled people as you have to sit astride it. Also, while they are simple to install, they do require extra space and access to pipes.

    Shower toilets – the smart solution

    The Rolls Royce of options is a shower toilet, also known as a bidet toilet, where the bidet function is built into the toilet itself. There are many options, from a simple built-in bidet spray to the smart toilets synonymous with Japanese culture, with additional functions including heated seats and dryers to name a few.

    Our Aquacare shower toilets are an innovative yet affordable solution and are available in a range of modern designs. The bidet function includes an air breaker which eliminates any possibility of contamination to drinking water. They do not require an electrical connection which means they can easily be installed in place of an existing toilet.

    Our V-Care shower toilets offer the perfect blend of comfort, functionality and design. Features such as water and drying temperature and power can be adjusted to suit your needs, creating a completely customisable experience. It is also the best solution for the less-abled, with features such as an automatic-opening lid and remote control usage. The toilet is also wall-hung so can be installed at a comfortable height.

    The Water Fittings Regulations classify the potential risk of contamination to drinking water as a result of bidet fittings high, so when researching bidet options for your home, it’s vital that you check that they can be installed in compliance with the UK water regulations and to make sure your installer will install the product correctly. The WRAS regulations for bidet installations can be found here.
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